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Princesses Peer Ambassadors

Princesses Peer Ambassadors

Young Adult Ambassadors

Jnelle Guy

J’Nelle Guy is a first year student at the University of the West Indies Jamaica, she is  currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Pure and Applied Science. However, her ambition is to become one of Jamaica’s best Physical Therapist for both Athletes and Dancers.

She enjoys singing, dancing, acting and other sporting activities. In high school she was a part of various clubs and societies such as; the Cadet Core, Track and Field, Key Club, Netball, Dancing Society, just to name a few. In February 2016 J’Nelle competed and won the Ms. Meadowbrook Student Council Competition. This competition was held for the very first time in the school’s history. Later on that year she lead her School’s Dance Troupe through to the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Competition finals where they participated in several dance pieces competing with various schools island wide. The Meadowbrook Dance Troupe ended the competition winning 6 gold and 5 silver medals.

In her spare time she enjoys giving back to the less fortunate of our society. In 2016 J’Nelle participated in arranging a visit to Golden Age Home where she along with her fellow schoolmates treated the elderly for a day, by handing out Christmas gifts, providing entertainment, serving breakfast and lunch amongst other things. Similarly in 2017 she participated in arranging yet another visit, this time to a Children’s Home where she and her club mates spent a day with the children and gave out snacks, presents, played games, donated items, just to name a few.

J’Nelle has been an active member of Princesses and Ladies Inc. since 2015. She assists during small group sessions and uses are gift of dance to  choreograph dances with her small groups. She also helps with directing the skits the groups participate in .

J’Nelle says, “I have a genuine passion for helping people who are less fortunate than I am. I want to be a part of an organization whose mandate is to make a bright future for those who are often forgotten or overlooked by society, achieving this under God’s leadership one step at a time. I want to be an example to women and young ladies of ALL ages. Being a member of Princesses and Ladies Inc. has and will continue to allow me the opportunity to make a difference in empowering and inspiring such persons.”

Teen Ambassadors

Jennesa Lincke

Jennesa Lincke is a freshman at Zion Benton Township High School and is enrolled in all honors classes. She also participates in Key Club, Speech Team, and is looking forward to the 2018 Track and Field season. She has competed in a few pageants and has earned the titles of Junior Miss Zion 2015, Junior Miss Lake County 2016 1st Runner Up, and is currently carrying out her reigns as both the first Teen Miss Lake County 2018 and Miss Zion 2017-2018.

As a lover of the fine arts, Jennesa has been dancing since 18 months old and is now enrolled in the Kenosha Academy of Performing Arts, where she dances 5 days a week as a member and only soloist of the Innovation Company. She wants to attend New York University and plans to pursue a career in Dance Choreography and Physical Therapy.

She has won many awards for her writing and drawing skills. Between the ages of 11-13, she along with her two younger siblings illustrated her mother’s 6 children’s books. She was an officer for her middle school’s chapter of National Junior Honor Society for two years, and was in the Gifted and Talented programs from 3rd – 8th grade.

Having a passion for being apart of the positive change in her community Jennesa is a member of Teen Court and recently has been accepted in the 2018 Junior Zion-Benton Leadership Academy. Jennesa is also an integral member of Princesses and Ladies Inc., using her gifts to tell the story of inspiration and empowerment to girls and women alike.

Junior Ambassadors

Sierra Lincke

Sierra is a 5th grade student at Newport Elementary school. Where she has been enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program since she was in the 3rd grade. She is currently both Junior Miss Lake County 2018 and Junior Miss Zion 2017-2018, representing girls within her age group in  both her county and city. In the past, she earned the 1st Runner Up Title, Little Miss Zion 2015.

Sierra loves gymnastics and is enrolled at Scamps Gymnastics, where she practices four days per week. She has competed at the state level along with her team. Sierra aspires to become a professional gymnast or gymnastics coach.

Having a love for nature, Sierra was apart of the Green Team at her school for a few years. She has also collaborated with her younger brother and older sister to illustrate 4 of her mother’s children’s books.

Sierra is an active member of Princesses and Ladies Inc. She enjoys sharing her gymnastics skills with the young girls the organization works with.

Lydia Dillon

Lydia Dillon is currently in 6th grade at John Powers School, which serves Deaf and hard of hearing children in Vernon Hills, IL.  She enjoys reading, watching tv, hanging out with her cousins and friends, and horseback riding.  She is a member at Trinity Christian Center in Zion, IL where she is also a member of Mpact, Fuse Youth Group, and the KICKS ministry team.
In August of 2017 (at the age of 10), while at church summer camp, Lydia felt the tug of the Holy Spirit in her heart.  She returned home extremely excited and full of joy because the Lord has called her to be a missionary.  She believes she is specifically called to serve in Jamaica and wants to go on a missions trip there in 2019.

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