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We strongly believe in advocating for our clients. Advocacy is implemented through providing support, services, resources and recommendations for girls and women. As advocates we become a voice for girls and women; speaking up for and with them, defending their rights and highlighting their responsibilities.

Our mentees are guided and supported by mentors who are positive behavioral models with knowledge and expertise.

Counseling sessions are offered to help girls and women work through various issues.

Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Problem Solving Therapy (PST) and mindfulness techniques are offered by professionals in the field.  These therapies and techniques are used to:

Validate the feelings and thoughts of our girls and women;

Assure them that they are heard;

Change negative thoughts and maladaptive behaviors to positive thoughts and healthy behaviors;

Foster problem solving skills and to help them focus on accepting and appreciating the present.

Our scholarships are provided for girls and young women currently enrolled and regularly attending school or university. We offer Rule Level Scholarships  and  Conquer Level Scholarships, both with their own specific requirements.

If you meet the requirements, please fill out the application.

The Empowerment Tools Program is provided for women to assist them in becoming empowered.

If you meet the requirement, please fill out the application.

Various seminars are held at different times during the year to educate girls and women about the law, their rights and responsibilities. There are also discussions and presentations on diverse topics with collaborative agencies.

Interactive workshops occur several times throughout the year to teach girls and women various skills.

Seminars and workshops are available to schools, universities, clubs, churches, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

We volunteer several hours each year into our community. We join with other organizations to raise funds for their current causes. We also give back time by visiting various assisted living and nursing homes.

Our volunteer hours are also open to schools, universities, clubs, churches, shelters, girls homes, homes for abused women, etc.


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