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The Masquerade Ball 2017

The Masquerade Ball 2017

Come out and join us. Support our second annual Masquerade Ball.

More prizes and surprises this year.

Come dressed up in formal attire representing your best Masquerade interpretation. Prizes for :
Mother Daughter, Father Daughter, Mother Son, Father Son, Best Couple and Best Friends Duo. There is also a prize for the best Individual attire.

Live entertainment for everyone. With our Masquerade Jazz Trio, which includes Joshua Griffin, Kenosha Academy of Dance, Music and Drama, Zion Benton Township High School NJROTC Rifle Team, Venessa Moors, Jennesa Lincke, Lake County Community Pageant Queens.
Plus a Unmasking Runway Walk, Mystery of the Dancer, Girls and Women Conquering and more music from DJ Tony.

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