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#IAMMission Mentorship Program

#IAMMission Mentorship Program

The #IAMMission mentorship program is open to girls in 3rd-5th grade for its Junior group and 6th-12th graders for its Tween/Teen group. The program’s mission is to help create a positive self in all girls and care for others. Therefore, the program works on fostering and maintaining positive self-confidence, self-efficacy and self-esteem. It also requires the girls completing volunteer hours to demonstrate concern and care for others.

The sessions are 6 weeks long, except for summer when they are 4 weeks. The girls meet once per week during the duration of each session. The girls also participate in volunteer activities to earn service hours.

As the girls move through the program they become mentors to the younger and/or newer girls in the group, actively embracing and demonstrating what it means to empower self and others.

To sign up for our upcoming session, please check our events section.

The #IAMMission Program is also available for your school. See our school clubs page for more information.

Join the #IAMMission Campaign 

Advocate for yourself and others

Affirm yourself and others

Change in yourself: negative labels, thoughts and maladaptive behaviors

Use the hashtag on social media each time you post something positive about yourself or others

Buy  #IAMMission merchandise to help the program

Inform your school and/or community about the #IAMMission Campaign



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