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Girls Rule, Women Conquer!

I was participating in an event and to motivate us as women, one of the organizers said "...and remember girls rule!" in that moment it hit me, yes we do but we were more than girls standing there, we were WOMEN. Therefore, as a peer to the other ladies, where over the past few days I had come to really like, I looked at them later when we were all really tired from the long day of activities and said " Ladies, remember, if girls rule, then WOMEN CONQUER!" We all got really excited and managed to finish our day of long activities with some well needed energy.

I realized at that moment that we, each and every woman standing there had the power of motivation and empowerment in our tongues. Women, we can be each other’s strongest force to survive or to wither away. I choose to help my sisters build. So hence, began my quest to forge on and become the owner of Princesses and Ladies. Why such a name? Well our young girls need to be reminded that they are princesses on the road of becoming ladies and our women need to be reminded that they are all ladies who are still princesses. We are ROYAL. Often times in the midst of the day, in all the things we do as women all the hats we wear, all the faces we put on, we forget that we are ROYALITY. That yes, if we trace back our family line, it will lead to the KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS. I MUST mention God in all I do, so I hope I do not offend but with every physical person (lady), there is a spiritual side, how we treat that part of us totally depends on each of us INDIVIDUALLY. Choose to motivate and to be motivated!

Girls Rule, Women Conquer!

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