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When Giving Up Just Isn't It!

There are times while we are on our journey that we feel like giving up. The odds are totally against us and we are just tired of fighting! Tired of existing but not living. As you and I begin the roll up the towel to throw it in, we realize that giving up just isn't it!

What now? We press on. We turn our existence into living. Purposely deciding that each day we will take even a moment to live. To breathe in and notice that breathing. What it feels like as it releases from our bodies. How it felt as we inhaled...

We decide that instead of fighting, we will just stand firm. Sometimes that is all we need to do. Stand. There are times when we must fight. However, we cannot fight every time a battle is offered. There are times we have to come to the table and negotiate and then there are times all we need to do is stand and wait. If you have faith, you will stand and wait on God. He always has an answer.

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