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Why Us?

Princesses and Ladies Inc. stands on the foundation of virtue. Virtuous is who we want our women to be and who we are mentoring our girls to become as women.

-Proverbs 31:10-31


Servant Leader

As servant leaders we are focused on the empowerment and personal development of our members and the girls and women we serve. We focus on working with our members and those we serve to gain the same objectives and goals.


Motivational Speaker

Transformational Leader

We embody transformational leadership skills by being attentive to the needs of those we work with and serve. We also create connections and raise the motivation and ethical standards of those we work with and serve.

Girl Power

Empowerment Theory

We use Empowerment Theory to build all our services. Empowerment Theory is an evidence based practice (EBP). Instead of blaming people for their circumstances, Empowerment Theory focuses on building them up. People begin to think positively and work towards becoming self sufficient and competent. Hence, they will gain control over their current circumstances and make positive effective changes in their personal lives, their communities and the society.

We believe in YOU, the TOTAL YOU!

It is essential that we take a holistic approach with everyone we work with. Every part of you is important. Therefore, we have three (3) fundamentals as our focus:

Body, Mind and Soul.

To augment these fundamentals we apply our four (4) core values:

Knowledge, Confidence, Pride and Power.

We are Dedicated and Passionate women.

We know what it takes to make it through and we are here for YOU.

In many instances we have been down some of the same roads you have traveled and are on.

We will be YOUR support TODAY and TOMORROW.

We foster:

Your community involvement.

Your corporate and entrepreneurship growth.

The continued development of your faith.

Your journey towards marriage and motherhood.

Positive and lasting relationships, both personal and professional.

We believe all women and all girls can embrace who they are,can define their future and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To mentor young girls and empower women

to succeed in their endeavors

while maintaining a healthy balance

in their physical, mental and spiritual lives.



Rule your World

Conquer your Obstacles

Empower yourself and Others

Fitness Staff

Our Vision

To help create a society where our girls and women realize their value, are equipped to achieve their goals and are seen and treated with equity.


To teach our young girls how to be responsible and respectable young ladies.

To introduce our young girls to different cultures and economic backgrounds.

To help our young girls understand the value of education, its road to success and provide the tools they will need for such success.

To address the daily issues faced by our young girls and find effective solutions.

overall gOALS

To branch out to impact the local, state, national communities and international arenas.

To seek out established, influential and educated individuals to help mentor our young girls and provide empowerment tools for our women.


To support women in reaching their full potentials; personally, professionally and  spiritually. All in an effort to help them succeed in entrepreneurship and the competitive corporate arena.


To help women meet the demands and reap the rewards of motherhood and to create and maintain healthy marriages and other meaningful relationships.

To help women realize the value of who they really are.

To assist women in resume building and job placement.

To provide women individually with the tools they need to succeed.


Princesses and Ladies Inc. was founded on the concept that each and every young girl and woman alike deserves the best. Whether it is help with setting present and future goals, or a second, third, forth chance at making positive decisions. It is never too early or too late to take steps in a positive direction.

We believe that the total lady needs to be considered:her body, mind and soul. Therefore, we work on healthy eating and exercising, empowering the mind to think positively and feeding the soul with the word of God. These three fundamentals we believe are necessary for success in you finding your right path and staying on it.

Having volunteered in the past in mentoring young girls for very prominent world renowned programs in addition to combined teaching experiences, we have the skills necessary to continue on the path of mentoring young girls in our community, state, country and around the world.

Understanding the concept that knowledge is power, we believe that we are fully equipped to help women find the strength they already have within to empower themselves and move forward in the right direction.

We Need Your Support Today!

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