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We currently provide internship hours for students who are required to have supervised hours by a licensed social worker (LSW) or a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW).

Interested individuals are required to submit a resume, transcript, required agreement from university, instructor and/or field faculty contact information and the forms below:





Email DCFS form to

Interns have the opportunity to earn our C.O.R.E Award. 
Working at Home


Social workers are expected to be accountable. We will help you develop your accountabilty. 

Smiling Businesswoman


We understand the need to be flexible and provide the environment for just that. We are flexible with our interns creating their own hours as long as it does not interfere with serving clients.

Choose Princesses and Ladies Inc.

to complete your internship. 


You will gain the knowledge you need to move forward in your studies and gain practical application to help you become the best social worker you are meant to be!


In the beginning and even at times in between you will experience 

imposter syndrome. You will gain the confidence you need to overcome the thoughts that you can't.. because you can!


Gain personal pride in your academic knowledge and your practical skills from the experience you will gain from your internship. 


You will leave your internship experience with the personal power you will need to move on to the next step of your social work journey. 

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