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Meet The Team

J'Nelle Guy


Jennesa Lincke

Peer Princess Ambassadors

Mackenzie Watson


Kaylah Washington


Teen Ambassadors

Young Adult Ambassadors

Chyann Smith

Sierra Lincke

Angel Gonzalez

Lydia Dillon


We value our interns. They have chosen to be the change. 

Sierra Strong

Sierra is a student at Aurora University pursuing her degree in social work. Her natural want to aid anyone in need is what pushed her to pursue social work and turn this passion into a career. Professionally she works in a warehouse as an inventory supervisor as she attends school and works to gain social work experience through internships and volunteer work, which is exactly what she is doing at Princess and Ladies Inc. Outside of Princesses and Ladies Inc., Sierra has volunteered in her aunt’s special education classrooms and at The Beacon Place, an organization centered around enriching the lives of those they can help through a variety of community and educational programs. Sierra’s passion for working with the youth and young adults has set her on the path to take her master’s degree and become a social worker within the juvenile justice system. 

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