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Cynthia Lincke, MSW, LCSW

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Cynthia is a PhD Candidate currently pursuing a PhD in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Nonprofit and Public Administration at Eastern University, where she earned a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS). Eastern is a Christian university which integrates faith, reason and justice, which attracted Cynthia. She has a Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Southern California in Community Organization, Planning and Administration with a sub-concentration in Military Families. She is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Illinois and Texas. Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education from Kendall College, with an Illinois Type 04 Certification. She has worked with children for over 15 years in various capacities, as an early childhood teacher, public school substitute teacher and a mentor for girls.

Cynthia found her passion for volunteering very early. In high school, she was a member of the Key Club board from 7th grade until she graduated and served on the first Tourism Club board at her high school. As an adult she volunteered as a Girl Scouts Troop Leader for a few years where she mentored young girls ages 5 to 13 in her community.

Her love for children, marriage and dance lead her to volunteer in Children’s, Youth, Marriage and Dance Ministries at church. Her faith in God is an integral part of who she is and the decisions she makes.

Cynthia has been married to her husband, Patrick Lincke, for over 18 years. They have 3 children together, 2 girls and 1 boy. She is a praise dancer and ministers in dance with her children and husband at church services and other events such as weddings, renewals and mother's day celebrations.

Cynthia has a private practice called Inspired Elevations, PLLC. where she supports families, couples, groups and individuals through psychotherapy. Additionally, she provides supervision for social workers seeking their clinical hours.

She is a motivational speaker who speaks on various topics including but not limited to, women and girls’ issues, marriage, faith, leadership, nonprofits, mental health, grief, trauma, self-care, parenting, setting boundaries, intersectionality, domestic violence, suicide prevention and human trafficking. As well as, consults, coaches, and trains on these and other topics.

Cynthia is the published author of 6 children’s books, titled: My Mommy’s Heart, My Daddy’s Heart, My Mommy’s Eyes and My Grandma’s Eyes, My Daddy’s Arms and My Grandpa’s Arms. She also has a  published article called  "The right of every woman to be protected from violence." Cynthia has a blog and a podcast called Lovely Lincke Inspirations where she uses her personal and professional experiences to Encourage, Motivate and Inspire others. She hosts a live Facebook show called The Inspire ROOM, where Black voices and white allies’ voices are elevated. She is passionate about marriage and single women and founded a group for married couples and single women, called Unwavering Love and Singled Out respectively.

Co-Founder & Executive Director 


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