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Do you want to  learn about how to help prevent human trafficking, recognize signs and help someone who has been trafficked or who is being trafficked? 

Project Prevention

Educate Combat Eradicate

Human Trafficking is the second leading criminal activity behind drug trafficking in the world. Imagine, human beings being held against their will and forced to commit acts they do not want to.


What can we do to stop it?

Princesses and Ladies Inc. utilizes its



to empower its girls along with hosting seminars to educate the community and its surrounding communities about human trafficking.

It is the intent of Princesses and Ladies Inc. to help inform the educational communities: elementary, middle and high schools about human trafficking, to create awareness, ways to prevent and recognize possible signs and how to combat this horrific crime from happening to anyone in their schools.

Please check our events section for upcoming seminars.

Project Prevention 2020


Project Prevention 2019


Project Prevention 2018

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