Mental Health Wellness – Therapy Sessions

Princesses and Ladies Inc. cares about your mental health. Our available therapy sessions create the right and safe space you need.

For those who qualify, we are currently offering FREE therapy sessions to eligible adults and children ages 5 years and older. Discounted rates are also available. Apply directly to see if you qualify for free or reduced rates.


Your mental health is a significant part of your self-care. Invest in it!


We provide group, family, couples and individual sessions. We use Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Problem Solving Therapy (PST) and Mindfulness techniques when working with our clients.

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Group Sessions

We offer various group sessions throughout the year.


Our groups focus on military families, caregivers and those who have experience loss.

Family sessions

The family unit is important.

We will work with you

to strengthen your family unit.


Each individual member of your family will feel heard and respected.


Our family sessions are open to families who are willing to work together to find solutions.


Couples Sessions

Are you feeling disconnected?

In couples therapy, couples work on disconnected feelings

couple 1.jpeg

Are you having communication challenges?

communication challenges


Are you faced with unique stressers?

various stresses that may create a strain on relationships.

couple 3.jpeg

Need to reconnect?

For couples desiring to reconnect with each other and themselves.


Are you married, courting or dating?

For married couple.

For courting/dating couples.







We work with children starting at age 5 and adults.


We will work together on solutions and techniques for a healthier YOU.















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All sessions are currently virtual due to COVID-19.


Join the session in your own individual therapy room, as we work together to deal with the challenges you are dealing with.


Individual Sessions

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Cynthia has been a great help in helping me find myself and being open.

Cynthia is amazing, loyal, passionate, caring, and good long term thinker via therapy.

Therapy for me has been life changing. It allows me to talk through emotions and situations without judgement or fear of judgment.

Cynthia was extraordinary and so much fun to meet with. She offered extremely valuable goals and practices for my situation. She did not portray a therapist’s mentality, but portrayed the character of a caring and loving friend who was truly invested in my well being. I would strongly recommend her!!!

It was amazing. I have certainly grown more in my mental health and my outlook on many things have changed. I feel much more sane and healthy. I feel more conscious and at peace with many things. I’m just so grateful for this experience.

I found the session helpful. Staff was pleasant and always gave great advice. I appreciated the time spent in sessions and will likely use the services again in the future.

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