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“Stress,” What Comes to Mind When you Hear the Term?

Stress is defined as “a state of worry or mental tension caused by difficult situations.” (World Health Organization, 2023). A definition that means something different to each individual who reads it and/or feels it. Whether their first thought is work, school, children, or home something comes to mind when one hears the term. In the month of April, also known as International Stress Awareness Month, take time to look at what you think of when you hear the term “stress” and why you think of this. I know that when I hear the term “stress” my mind first goes to my schedule and how busy it always seems to be balancing school, work, and home.

As much as I would like to say that I have found the perfect way to balance what has been my main point of stress, I have not, but that doesn’t stop me from trying ways to find balance each day, and I have learned that each step no matter how small it feels pushes me into the direction of feeling less of this stress each day. I know that it can be hard or even feel impossible to overcome the stressors in your life, but it isn’t, one just has to believe in themselves and in resolution.

One of the most forgotten coping mechanisms for stress I feel is the reminders that “It's okay to take a break” and “It's okay to not feel okay.” Oftentimes it can be easy to forget these two things and combined can make one think that the stress they feel cannot interfere with their day to day and in turn, they should not be feeling how they are feeling. Well, if you need to hear if from someone you can hear it from me, “that is not the case”. In order to be your best you, you have to feel your best self which is hard to do when all you feel is stress. So, before this month is over, if you can, ask yourself, “what is causing me stress” then begin the journey of finding resolution and relief.


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