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Are You Socially Well?

The month of July is also known as “Social Wellness Month” meaning the month is set to put a focus on social relationships, both the importance of building and sustaining them. So my question to everyone in the month of July would be, “Are you socially well?” It is a question that personally over the years I have found myself struggling to answer. Not because I don’t know how to form social relationships and keep them, but mostly because I have not had time to form social relationships and keep them.

I feel this notion is one that so many people struggle with, the lack of time to make and keep friends, so in the month of July and all months after I wanted to write a blog to say that it's okay to make the time to have friends and maintain social relationships. It's okay to take a breath/break and meet someone new, social relationships whether new or old are vital to one’s health. Knowing that when you accomplish something, learn a new hobby, or simply want to share your day, being able to have a social relationship to share your thoughts and feelings can make all the difference in the world.

Now, I also know that it is easy to write and tell someone to “take the break or breath” needed to maintain or create social relationships, however actually allowing oneself to do this may be the hard part. It is also okay to not have a crowded schedule and still have a hard time maintaining social relationships, it's not always easy to make new friends. However, in the Month of July, just as a prompted boost, try to make one new friend or work at an already established friendship, and before the month is over ask yourself again, “Am I socially well?”

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Maureen Lopez De Luna
Maureen Lopez De Luna
10 de jul. de 2023

Thank you this was beyond needed

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