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Black Business Awareness Month Blog Post 2023

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Since August of 2004, the month of August has been recognized as “Black Business Awareness Month.” Originally founded by Frederick E. Jordan and John William Templeton, stemming from personal experiences and feelings that came from Jordan Templeton’s struggle to acquire financial backing and funding when he began his own business in 1969 (America 250, 2022).

Black Business Awareness Month is now a month that not only recognizes these challenges, but also places an emphasis on black owned businesses and entrepreneurs within the community and encourages members of the community to show support. I encourage you to participate in Black Business Awareness Month. Whether it is using the services offered, purchasing products, sharing outreach material, or word of mouth to spread awareness or support during the month of August and beyond.

Thus far I have been able to do almost all of this by purchasing products from a local boutique, scheduling a massage for my mother and I with this boutique masseuse, taking myself and my family to black owned restaurants, and sharing material on my social media and word of mouth.


America250, (2022). Black business month.

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