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How Social Work Month will Become a Month for Me

March is Social Work Month, meaning it is a time to spread awareness on what social workers do as well as appreciate their work. March is also a month that is personal to me as I continue my path to becoming a social worker. Although I didn't always know that social work was my chosen career path, once I learned what social work was and what social workers do I knew it was the career for me. Growing up I always knew that I wanted to help others, whether it was volunteering with local organizations within my community, or aiding other students I went to school with in doing their homework or having someone to talk to. I always found myself doing what I could for those around me.

Now, everyone’s journey to social work begins differently. For instance, when asking my fellow classmate of mine who is a social worker with the Illinois Probation office, they stated “I became a social worker because I wish I had someone growing up to aid me in the way I am able to aid others.” Where mine began when I was a freshman in college taking a general education sociology class. Social work may not have been the overall focus of the course, but it was introduced, and I knew that it was the route for me. Shortly after I chose my major “sociology with an emphasis in social work” and was on my way. Continuing through college and onto my Masters in Social Work, I began as an intern with Princesses and Ladies Inc. an opportunity that has been beyond great thus far. Seeing the compassion and true caring nature of Ms. Cynthia Lincke has shown me how social workers can truly make a difference for a community in need, as well as continue to solidify that I am on the best path for myself.

Everyone deserves to find the best career path for them, one that makes them happy and wanting to wake up and go to work everyday. A feeling that I have found in social work. So, as March continues, show appreciation for the work that social workers around you do, while also spreading an overall awareness of what social work is and what it does for those in need.

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