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Military Appreciation Month: Appreciating all Aspects

The Month of May is National Military Appreciation Month, and although I have not been directly part of a military family I do have friends close to me who have and have heard them share the obstacles their families face. One that always stuck out to me is the uncertainty of how long you will be in one place. Growing up I moved a lot and it never got easier, other than learning the quickest way to pack up my room and things, each new home, new school, and neighborhood meant I was starting from square one. So, even though moving for me was not due to being in a Military family, I can relate to the feelings of having to begin again in some essence, and for that I am empathetic.

In recent weeks I have also seen first hand how hard it can be for military families when those enlisted are deployed and not home. One of my team member’s at work’s significant other is deployed and it has been very difficult at home for them. From trying to find child care to missing her significant other while he is gone. The adjustment has not been easy and won’t get any easier in certain areas.

These feelings and obstacles that entire military families face each day is one of the reasons that I wanted to blog about National Military Appreciation Month, because there are so many aspects of being in the Military that should be appreciated and recognized. Not only those who are enlisted and serve our country, but also their families and the individuals in their life who support and allow them to serve. So before the month of May ends if anyone in your life is part of the military, do tell them “thank you” for all that they do.

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