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National Caribbean American Heritage Month Blog Post

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The month of June is known as National Caribbean American Heritage Month in both the United States and Jamaica. Being an intern at Princesses and Ladies Inc. has actually allowed me to meet Ms. Cynthia, who is Jamaican. Jamaica is a Caribbean Island, therefore Jamaicans living in the United States are recognized during the month of June. Meeting and working with Ms Cynthia, has given me insight into Jamaican Culture, and it is quite fascinating.

From trying Jamaican Food for the first time this past month for the organization's Annual Jamaica Day Fundraiser, to learning to understand the Jamaican language, Patois (pronounced Patwa). Now, I just happened to begin an internship that has allowed me to learn and interact with individuals who are Caribbean American, however, there are many more countries including Haiti, Cuba, and the Bahamas that represent individuals living in the United States who are also a part of National Caribbean American Heritage Month.

Now, Ms. Cynthia is not only Caribbean, she is also an individual making a positive impact on our local community. Which is not a new trait for Caribbean Americans, there have been many Caribbean individuals who have had a positive impact on United States' history. Before the month June is over, learn more about these impacts and spread awareness for Caribbean American Month.

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