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Summer’s Hot Topic of Water Safety

As summer takes full effect and the weather begins to warm up, so does the water. Whether it is your grandmother’s inground pool, the local community pool, or the town lake. With summer comes an immense amount of water geared activities. This is why the Month of May has been named Water Safety Month, centered around educating and bringing awareness of how to be safe in the water.

The topic of water safety is one that I know all too well due to my run in with my Grandmother’s pool as a toddler. When I was a toddler my grandmother was having an annual family party and I went through the locked gate and into the family pool. Now, I wasn’t in the water long, given my family realized right away and pulled me out of the water. I also do not remember the experience, but the ambulance did have to come and ensure that I was okay. However, it resulted in my family taking extra precaution in closing off the pool and making sure that none of the grandchildren are by the pool alone. Now, I am sure that this is a story you have heard not only by reading my blog post, but from friends and families, or on the news. Stories like this have been told for decades and many do not end the same way as mine, whether a child becomes traumatized or terrified of the water or does not make it out in time, water safety is a topic that should be a focus as summer draws near in states where there is winter and always a topic in states that are warm all year round.

Summer’s Hot Topic of Water SafetyWith that said, ensure that you not only bring awareness and educate children when you are able on the importance of being safe when they are in or near water, but also do what you can to watch and pay attention when you are in or near water to those around you.

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