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“What does Black History Month Mean to You”?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

As February begins, so has Black History Month, which is a time to remember, emphasize, and celebrate the achievements and contributions that African Americans have made in history, and continue to make each day. Not only is Black History Month a time to shed light on achievements and contributions that African Americans have made, it is also a time to learn more African American history and culture. In thinking of ways that I could do this as an individual I decided to ask people in my life “What Black History Months Means to Them?”

I received an array of answers including:

“For me Black History Month is all year long, but I do enjoy the recognition that the month puts on my history and culture.”

“Black History Month is about African American investors, doctors, and incredible individuals who never got the credit they deserved because they were African American, but the U.S would never have succeeded without them.”

“Black History Month means giving credit to individuals who shaped the U.S, these individuals may not be my ancestors, but my country would be lost without them.”

"To me Black History Month is a time designated to educate people on a part of History that is overlooked. Not only the civil rights movement but the hundreds of influential African Americans that have paved the way. There are many African American men and women who are inventors and professors and scientists that have made an impact on our world and nobody knows who they are. This is a time for them to be recognized. And us to be educated."

I was also curious about what schools were doing for Black History Month, so I asked my younger sister who is in middle school and my coworker's whose son is in second grade, what their schools are doing for Black History Month. My coworker's son was given history lessons and did arts and craft projects tailored to teaching him about Black History Month. He was quite excited to come home and show her the projects he made and tell her about the individuals he learned about. My sister who is in 7th grade watched videos and wrote an essay on Martin Luther King Jr. for her Black History Month Unit, she too enjoyed learning more about history she was not as familiar with. The local high school is also hosting a Black History Month Dance, that a handful of girls who participate in Princesses and Ladies Inc’s #IAMMisson program are a part of.

Before I close out I too wanted to share, “What does Black History Month Mean to me?” To me, Black History Month is a time to learn, celebrate, and recognize the past and present contributions that African Americans make. It's a time for students to learn about history that they may have never heard of before and lastly, it's a time where communities can bond and grow over planned dances, community events, dinners, etc that allow for individuals to continue this celebration and remembrance. As the month of February continues, ask yourself the question, “What does Black History Month mean to me?”

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